6 online thesis searchers for university students

Do you need inspiration for your thesis? Here we leave you 6 of the best online searchers of research papers in our language

After years of attending classes, passing complicated exams and facing courts of professors who riddled you with questions, finally only a small obstacle separates you from your longed for university degree: the thesis.

This final work, which involves a lot of dedication and effort, is often a big headache for many students.

Inspiration is fundamental in these cases, so we leave you with a list of 6 of the best English thesis web search engines:


European universities of the stature of the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Alicante and the Complutense University of Madrid, among many others, expose the research work of their students in this powerful search engine.


If you are looking for doctoral theses, probably one of the most complete repositories is Theseus. You can also find other types of research and jobs at this level.

Doctoral Thesis in Network

Another alternative for the case of doctoral theses published in Spain. It has an advanced search engine with filters and personalized options to facilitate your research.


Unlike other search engines, this tool has a huge database with theses from all countries and areas of knowledge.


It is one of the most complete and popular repositories worldwide. It allows consulting in areas such as anthropology, psychology, history, medicine, biology, political science, etc.

Virtual Library of Cervantes

In addition to an impressive collection of digital books, the Cervantes Virtual Library has an advanced search section for thesis projects ordered by an alphabetical index.

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