5 tips to do your thesis and not die trying

The last effort of the race is usually the hardest and most stressful. Learnthese tips to do your thesis without suffering too much.

Starting the thesis process is usually tedious for everyone. We must think about the subject, the director, the time it will take us or even how we will do to sit down to write more than 100 pages of research.

Precisely all those thoughts are what frustrate us and do not let us start. Being able to relax and enjoy the last effort is not an easy task, but with these five tips it will be easier for you.

If you are thinking too much about how you will solve your thesis, we recommend that you stop doing it to achieve a better result. Get rid of prejudices and do not fill yourself with negative comments from third parties. The important thing is that you live this moment as a unique experience, therefore it is best to take advantage of every moment.

Choose a theme that you like

Taking the first step is usually the most difficult, especially in the case of the thesis. Choose over what to write should be linked to your tastes. Leave aside the topics that you want to impose and write about a topic that you are passionate about. This will help you to enjoy the whole thesis, researching something that really interests you and what you will really want.

Choose a good thesis director

The director of your thesis will accompany you throughout the course, therefore you must be a person with whom you find common interests and learn to get along.

The pair must have a complicity, since both have to be allies, intimate, so that the enthusiasm for the project leads them to give the best of themselves. If you feel that you are not listening, that you want to impose your ideas, or that you do not take it into account, change it and choose another director.

Set short goals

Being such a long process, we are overwhelmed by the amount of time we are going to devote to it. For this we must organize ourselves and the best way to do it is by setting short goals. Try to disarm the thesis in phases or chapters, taking one step at a time. This way you will be focused on just one topic and you will not be overwhelmed with many thoughts.

Organize a calendar

When we sit down to write we usually spend many hours and the days all go by the same, sometimes we even get lost without knowing what date we are. From the hand of the previous council you should have a calendar to organize your times. You can do it in conjunction with your director, determining the days, weeks or months that you will dedicate to each chapter and when they will schedule the final delivery.

Get enough rest

Although it may sound like a phrase, getting enough sleep is a key factor in completing your thesis. By achieving a good rest, the moments of reading and writing will be more effective since you will be better focused. The concentration will be maintained for limited periods of time avoiding distractions. Make the most of the thesis moments, they will give you room to enjoy the nights to sleep.

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