5 keys to choose a thesis topic

After years of effort and sacrifice, the thesis is your last obstacle to graduation. Discover how to choose a suitable theme to prepare it, following this series of tips.

Few moments will give you more happiness and gratification in your life than your graduation. After years of effort and sacrifice, long study sessions and countless exams, you will finally receive your reward in the form of a diploma.

However, before you must face a final obstacle: approve your thesis. While some students take this research work as a final exam in their careers, for many the thesis is transformed into a great headache that takes years of elaboration.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to choose a topic that is appropriate to your characteristics, above all, that is feasible in the short or medium term. Below, we present you 5 keys to choose a thesis topic.

Do a mental review of your career.

Throughout your career years you have probably had many subjects, some simpler and some more complex, that have helped you to understand in which branch of your profession you would perform better. Identify these areas of interest and think of a topic that fits within them.

Identify your strengths and abilities.

If you’re not very good at math, it’s probably best if you do not write a dissertation based on data analysis and hard figures. On the contrary, it is essential that you can identify the areas in which you develop with greater ease and can exploit all your skills and potential. This will greatly facilitate the process.

Look for related material.

Once you have more or less thought about the way to go, embark on a preliminary search of material to present to your tutor. Only when you do will you know exactly how viable your theme option is.

Meet with your tutor.

Remember that the teacher you have chosen as a tutor will be in charge of guiding you through this process. Considering that you have much more experience in the field of theses, you must trust their criteria, call them whenever you have doubts and follow their advice.

Lean on the manuals on the subject.

There is one in particular that is considered as the “bible” in the execution of final year projects. This is the “How to do a thesis” style manual, by the famous Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco. This book will accompany you throughout the thesis preparation process, becoming a fundamental reference material in each of the stages. Get “How to do a thesis” in the Amazon store.

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